PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Complete Review

The PreSonus’ AudioBox iTwo audio interface is the perfect mix between its AudioBox iOne and USB 96 models.

It has one more mic and line input than the iOne and has a cleaner design than the USB 96.

Here’s a full review of the AudioBox iTwo to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Below, we give our take on its recording quality, features, included software, and more.


The PreSonus AudioBox iTwo (2 In x 2 Out) is an excellent mobile and home recording option. It has all the essential features for audio production in a sleek and durable design.

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Overall Grade: B+

Build Quality: A

Design Quality: B

Recording Quality: B

Preamps: B+

Features: B

Software Bundle: B

Who is the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Best for?

While the PreSonus AudioBox iOne is excellent for mobile musicians, we recommend the iTwo for mobile and home recording.

It has a similar design as the iOne, except it has a line input for connecting a mic preamp or other line-level device.

The AudioBox iTwo is best for:  

  • Beginners
  • Basic and intermediate home studios
  • Bedroom artists and producers
  • Music producers
  • Steaming
  • Podcasting

Notable Features

  • Combo XLR/TRS input for microphones, instruments, and line inputs
  • Balanced outputs for studio monitors
  • Direct monitoring – mixer control knob
  • USB-B Connection
  • Software Bundle
  • Large knobs and a simple interface

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Review

Layout and Controls

presonus audiobox itwo
Credit: PreSonus

On the front of the iTwo are two combo XLR/TRS inputs.

The two buttons under the guitar symbols switch each ¼-inch input between an instrument and line input.

You’ll find a Mix knob toward the center for blending your direct signal and computer playback.

This unit also has corresponding gain knobs for each input, a button to enable phantom power, a headphone input, and volume controls for the main and headphone outputs.

Credit: PreSonus

On the back is a USB-B connector and USB input (useful for connecting iPads).

There are also two ¼ inch outputs for studio monitors.

Build Quality 

Grade: A

The AudioBox iTwo is designed to take the stress out of traveling with your interface.

It’s housed in a quality metal casing that helps protect against damage, ensuring you have an easy time going from place to place without worrying about broken knobs.

Design Quality 

Grade: B

The iTwo has a clean and simple design that’s great for beginners. It’s an excellent alternative to the AudioBox 96 if you’re looking for an interface that’s easier to navigate.

A common criticism of the AudioBox 96 is that its knobs feel small and close together, making them harder to adjust.

However, the iTwo addresses this issue with a simplified layout and a large main output volume knob.

One thing we would’ve liked to see on this interface is recording level meters or indicators.

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Recording Quality 

Grade: B

The PreSonus AudioBox iTwo features 24-bit, 96 kHz audio converters and mic inputs with a dynamic range of around 100 dB.

100 dB is a solid dynamic range and puts the iTwo on par with the similarly priced M-Audio AIR 192|4 and the Behringer UMC202HD.

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Grade: B+

PreSonus is well-known for its high-quality Class-A mic preamps.

From my experience, the iTwo mic preamps offer a solid amount of headroom and relatively low distortion.

Also, these preamps perform well with various microphones – condenser, dynamic, etc.

You’ll get the best results with a condenser mic since they require less gain than dynamic mics. But for a budget unit, the iTwo does a great job driving low-output dynamic mics.

In some cases, using this interface with a Cloudlifter or external mic preamp will reduce preamp noise and help you get the best recording quality from a dynamic mic.


Grade: B

The iTwo is fairly limited compared to similarly priced interfaces.

For instance, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 features Air Mode and direct monitoring in stereo and mono.

Also, the Motu M2 lets you enable direct monitoring and phantom power for each input individually and has an audio loopback feature.

However, for under $100, the iTwo has all the essential features you need to record high-quality audio.

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Software Bundle

Grade: B

Purchasing this interface grants you access to Studio One Artist and 20 Native Effects plug-ins.

While you can’t use third-party plug-ins with the Studio One Artist DAW, you can record an unlimited number of tracks which is rare for audio interface DAW software.

Overall, this software bundle has all you need to get started without spending extra money.

Audio Interface Comparison

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo vs. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

The 2i2 is a better choice if you want additional preamp features.

Overall, the iTwo and 2i2 deliver a similar audio performance.

However, with the 2i2, you can enable Air Mode to make your audio sound brighter and more open.

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo vs PreSonus Studio 24c

The iTwo has a cleaner design, but we give a slight edge to the Studio 24c.

The 24c provides professional quality XMAX-L preamps and a helpful LED level monitoring panel.

Takeaway: PreSonus AudioBox iOne and iTwo Review

For just under $100, it doesn’t get much better than the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo.

It delivers a solid audio performance with a clean, easy-to-use interface.

You’ll find other interfaces with a few extra features in the same price range.

But overall, we recommend this unit to anyone looking for a high-quality, budget-friendly option.